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Audiotory Health with Down Syndrome and Autism

Yearly or bi-annual checkups are key with your primary care physicians for children with Down syndrome and Austism. Your physician may refer your child to an Audiologist or an ENT for a full hearing test to determine how your child's hearing is developing.

On December 1, 2023 was Journeigh's last hearing test and this was one crucial puzzle piece that tied together her Austism and Down syndrome. She'd passed her right ear hearing test but failed her left. This was an eye opening moment for Journeigh. The audiologist and I started talking about what we can do to assist in Journeigh's educational and social development.

As Journeigh continues to grow into her toddler years, we've started discussing her lack of social interactions and repetitive behaviors when she's distressed by high frequency sounds.

  • Speech and language delay

  • Unresponsive during certain interactions

  • Avoids eye contact

  • Social interaction

Types of test that are used to determine hearing quality

  1. Auditory Brainstem Respones (ABR)

  2. Otoacoustic Emissions Test (OAE)

  3. Full Hearing Test

  4. Pure-Tone Air Conduction

  5. Visual reinforcement audiometry

  6. Condition Play Audiometry (CPA)

Once the test are completed by the Audiologist and or the ENT then you will get a full map on what is recommended. Let's see what Journeigh's recommendations are in February 2024.

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