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Down Syndrome’s resilience-part-3

As the medical team prepares for what's called an Ostomy better known as a Colostomy in Journeigh's condition (removing a segment of the large intestine and colon). This was definitely a journey my family and I were about to partake in.

(Pre Surgical) The general surgeon was so calming and confident about how this surgical intervention was going to improve her condition . (Hirschsprungs)

(Post Surgical ) Eight hours later, as the surgeon approaches me in the waiting room, not showing a bit of negative emotion or mental exhaustion. He calmly says: "Everything went very well, rest assured your beautiful daughter Journeigh is resilient, the first phase of her surgical journey was guided by only one power and that's up above and one day you will be able to speak about this in a positive manner to those whom my face this type of trial". At that very minute all the stress and anxiety was lifted for phase one , but what was next....

In some instances a Colostomy can not be reversed, but by the grace of God, Journeigh at two months old at Journeigh's eight week follow-up, the surgeon had the same confidence that reversing the colostomy would be another step forward for Journeigh since her Colostomy was functioning well.

March 2020- As Covid erupted throughout the world Journeigh's surgery was rescheduled twice, I started to have so many doubts about should she have this surgery or does the cancellation mean something significant? Most humans at this point were scared of everything. Covid had literally changed humanity's thought process. Little did anyone know to question my strong will and determination to keep believing that Journeigh was resilient , I was prepared give it to God. I had to have those exact things to drive me to press forward with preparing for Journeigh's second eight hour surgery to reverse her colostomy.... called a resection/pull through....

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