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IEP Meeting

My upmost respect goes out to the teachers, educational therapists, faculty and staff first and foremost. The impact is exemplary!

When you have a teacher and parent team it's such an uplifting experience to know that the teachers are giving it their all to ensure that your child is supported by what's needed best from the educational platform .


As we joined the IEP

meeting, I was prepared solely to ensure that Journeigh's team was invested in creating ways to help improve Journeigh's education. With all my notes and highlights on the copy provided. I was a bit anxious but I had to think to myself. The only way for success in advocacy,is being transparent with questions or concerns with the soon to be new IEP. This was helpful for Journeigh's team and I to address and discuss thoroughly on progression of her current status of her IEP goals and her future goals, we went page by page say the least and almost three hours later we concluded the IEP meeting. Revision were notated and re drafted now the coundown begins for my approval and launch of the new IEP.

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