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New Beginnings with Journeigh

On 7/1/2019 Getting the delightful news of "expecting." At the five month mark into the pregnancy, the prenatal team offered me a NIPT Genetic Test that would help ensure there were no genetic adversities, at my (High Risk) age of 38. Of Course this type of communication always makes any seasoned or first time parent slightly worried. However, this was the first time I decided to take the their advice due to my (High Risk Age).

I am grateful for this test because if I had not known until delivery, it would've been more difficult physiologically to deal and potentially causing postpartum depression,anxiety stress etc... Fortunately, I was able to digest my beautiful little baby girl's condition and prepare myself for any possible future obstacles that were yet to come. I would love to hear other parents share their story about how they felt when they received their information.

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