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Suggestions for a thorough IEP meeting

Learning how to effectively communicate with your child's educational support system is key.

Here are some of the questions I will be asking will on 11/28/23

  1. How does Journeigh's new medical dual diagnosis apply to her educational learning structure?

  2. Does the school do a parrell assessment of what had been already completed medically?

  3. Will there be additional benefits for Journeigh and her widen creative learning scope and opportunities?

  4. Will she be switched to separate classroom?or will she stay in a combined classroom of children with developmental disabilities and children with no developmental disabilities ?

  5. Does this encourage full day pre school versus half day?

  6. Does the dual diagnosis grant more therapies during school ?

Just a few off the top of my head.

Best practices:

  1. Request a copy beforehand

  2. Review the IEP before the meeting

  3. Have additional support to assist in making sure your IEP is going properly to serve your child's needs

  4. Don't sign / finalize until you are comfortable with the IEP

  5. Take notes

  6. Ask questions

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United to Empower, Advocate and Support children and families who face daily obstacles with being dually diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Autism that relates to the continual support of additional medical, social, educational, and financial resources .

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