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The best Christmas presents…

Yippee! The time is almost near , just a few short hours until Christmas, as we gather with friends and family to celebrate and enjoy each moment together.

What was on your childs Christmas list?

As we pondered months in advance on what would be the best Christmas presents for Journeigh this year at the age of three. Making the proper choices are key in gift giving.

Intuitively speaking getting more background education and knowledge of learning more of Journeigh's characteristics of Down Syndrome and Autism.

The day after Thanksgiving our family noticed that Journeigh loved to stand an just gaze at the ornaments which then resulted her pulling them off the tree, no matter how big or small or all the differences in shapes and colors. This was Journeigh opportunity to explore What Christmas looks like . That was a out first good clue on what to shop for.

My only apprehensions were :

  1. Where to shop?

  2. Are the toys specifically designed for children with Autism and Down Syndrome ?

  3. Is there a vast market of products ?

  4. What are the cost of these specific designed toys?

  5. Is Journeigh going to like them?

Of course as we know, all markets are driven moreso to online commerce which could make it a bit difficult to see in person and feel. Since Journeigh is super particular about toys she has plays with, not being able to test or see the toys made my quest challenging. As any parent would do, I went to the ends of the earth to search and find !

I was pleased to say Target had a nice selection of in store sensory toys . Listed below are others toys that I was pleased with online and in store.


  • Amazon

  • Party City ( yes a lot of great little that are sensory in the store)who would have know

  • Walmart

  • Hobby Lobby ( DYI gift making)

So tell me what was on

your Christmas list for your children this year ? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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