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What an Autism diagnosis actually looks like

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

11/15/23 the infamous appointment that I was eager to get down to the real meaning of what Austism looks like in a combined diagnosis with Down Syndrome.

It's peculiar that most people refer to Autism as a spectrum..I've look at so many websites, read many articles that included pictures and diagrams that suggest there's a spectrum. However, the truth is children don't fall just into one section of the spectrum. Isn't it funny how the word Specturm sounds like the black hole (to me that is) and which it sorta is. Let me explain! Children that are diagnosed with Autism have different variables of the spectrum there is not one direct indicator that indentifies the child as being absolutely only in one aspect of the spectrum. In all actuality each child identifies with several characteristics of the "Specturm." Mind blowing for sure ! When the doctor was trying to answer that very question I had (where did Journeigh fall on the spectrum?) The answer was quite simple . It's a combination of different neurological characteristics per each individual . Doctors are starting to look at Austism in a different light, even back more than 10-15 years ago where the diagnosis was more black and white, now it's a more of a blend. So my next question is educational, how does this affect her in school .... we shall see on 11/28/23 at her IEP draft meeting.

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United to Empower, Advocate and Support children and families who face daily obstacles with being dually diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Autism that relates to the continual support of additional medical, social, educational, and financial resources .

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